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She gets it from her Momma (& Daddy)

One of the most common questions I get asked is "What drove you to take the leap and open this store?" To spare people my long drawn out story I have a stock answer for that. But the truth is, it was a risky dream which is what my core is made of. I have always been what I call a "rebel traditionalist".  I was raised by very traditional parents yet they had a flair for forging their own path, following their own dreams & passions, staying far away from trends and what was "expected" of them by their peers. It seems contradictory and is a very odd balance I inherited probably more from nurture than nature seeing as both my biological and adopted sisters all have the same traits. This might help you to understand why someone who loves all things traditional, especially obsessed with a classic monogram, would venture the riskiest dream of all, opening a gift store. Yet here I am, 12 years later still loving, struggling & learning about taking that le…

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